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Polaris Sector
-OСНОВНАЯ ИНФОРМАЦИЯ-•Год выпуска: 22 мар, 2016
•Жанр: Cosmic Strategy 4x
•Разработчик: SoftWarWare
•Издательство: Slitherine Ltd.
Версия игры 1.03c от 12 April
•Платформа: PC
•Тип издания: Repack
•Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Испанский
•Языка oзвучки: Английский
•Таблетка: (CODEX)
-СИСТЕМНЫЕ ТРЕБОВАНИЯ-• Операционная система: Windows® Vista +
• Процессор: Core i3
• Оперативная память: 2 ГБ
• Видеокарта: DirectX or OpenGL Compatible Video card DirectX: Версии 9.0c
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 4 GB-ОПИСАНИЕ-Polaris Sector - глобальная космическая стратегия в реальном времени. Игроку доступна целая галактика с тысячами звездных систем, которые генерируются случайным образом. Вам предстоит создавать космические корабли, которые отправятся бороздить космическое пространство в поисках ресурсов. Кроме исследовательских операций, игроку предстоит налаживать дипломатические отношения с другими фракциями и заключать крепкие союзы или вести военные кампании против враждебных группировок.Polaris Sector - Launch Trailer

Особенности игры

An epic and dangerous playground: randomly generate a galaxy able to host up to 900 stars.
Full customization: external threats, pirates, number of races… you can set up the world that fits your own tastes!
Full control over ship design: want to make a corvette into a drone carrier? Go ahead. Want to make a freighter into a scout? No problem. Your creativity is the only limit!
Explore: send scout vessels to find new mines to exploit, new planets to colonize, and to establish contact with other empires.
Innovative research system: technologies and equipment will get unlocked depending on your investments in fundamental and applied research.
Diplomacy: Dialogue with other factions to gain their favor, trade goods, and make military agreements to fight common enemies.
Command your troops: when a battle starts you can join the battlefield and maneuver your ships in a tactical mode. Alternatively use the auto-resolve mode when you have more urgent tasks to attend to in your empire.
Unique espionage system: seed false intelligence to enemy spies and lure them into a trap!

Oсобенности релиза

Polaris Sector--Ничего не вырезано-
-Ничего не перекодировано-
-Аудио качество / Видео качество (100%)-
-Версия игры v1.03c oт 12 April-Релиз от ARMENIAC

Update lsit

Update v1.03: от 12 April
Fixed – Crash on exiting Settings Configurator
Fixed – Misc other crash bugs
Fixed – Boot error when using the “-design” option
Fixed – Remove the possibility to use special symbols in names (was causing save issues)
Fixed – Crash at end of Tutorials when playing in Spanish
Change – Updated AI rules to force it to stand and fight after a second retreat in a row
Change – Increased AI focus on science production
Change – Planetary governer mode “Mineral” renamed to “Mineral+”
Added – New Planetary governer “Mineral” that will only build mineral facilities, nothing else. Use this when you want to add mineral mines but not reduce food or research output
Fixed – Colonizers can now take population from a planet with population control
Added – Option to permanently remove ship designs (Hold down shift and click the delete button)
Fixed – Scrolling in the economics screen could scroll down the events log
Speculative Fix – Reduced UI messages about planetary bombardment
Change – If combat cannot be simulated in a reasonable time then game uses calculations rather than simulation. If this happens then no statistics are shown on post-battle screen.
Change – Can order 150 fighters at once from planetary build queue
Added – More tooltip info on the impact of extended working hours on exhausted workers
Fixed – Can now have the same name ship design across multiple races
Added – Option to auto-save before battles
Fixed – Transporting population to world with Shipyards but not factories will no longer destroy the shipyards nor any excess Colonial Modules
Fixed – Muon Fusion Reactor changed to 6x6
Change – lessened the rate of impact of extended working hours on your workers
Fixed – Removed ability to destroy orbital structures or launch invasions before combat resolved
Change - Theosians should no longer multiply at an excessive rate
Fixed – Can now use SCENARIO folders inside Mod folders
Added – Ability to add Heroes
Added – Modkit in install folder

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